Meet Brandyn Killz


     IF you were to combine the soulful stylings of Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder, then mash them with contemporary electronic acts like Galantis, chances are you’d end up with something like BRANDYN KILLZ. 

       Brandyn (He/Him) is a Dallas-based producer of what he dubs electronic soulpop, a fierce blend of pop and modern electro with tendencies echoed from the classic 70’s and 80’s. While electronic at heart, Brandyn’s music is built on a bedrock foundation of analog-meets-digital and incorporates a plethora of instrumentation rooted in rich drums, along with detailed synthwork and edits. The result: ridiculously catchy tunes that are  “all electronic & dangerously pop” as his fans call them.

       Intent on inducing feelings of empowerment and independence, Brandyn’s infectious songs are often anthemic in nature. For him, music serves as a form of release and escape; a place where he can be whoever he wants to be, and where he can invite his listeners to do the same, even if only for a moment. Above all, however, Brandyn desires to create something new, timeless and different in the LGBTQ+ community, which he is a proud member of. With every song he releases, he aims to bring his fans “Closer to Closure,” helping them navigate a positive headspace while dealing with heartbreak, loss, anxiety, and other complex emotions, and bring them back to the dance floor.

       Brandyn is also a professional ghostwriter with tracks that have been featured on radio and top 40 albums. With 10 years of music production experience under his belt, his artistic persona serves as a brand new outlet through which he can showcase his unique approach to electro soul pop. Stay tuned for what’s to come from this emerging artist, but in the meantime check out the entire irresistible catalog from BRANDYN KILLZ wherever you stream music.