Find Me On The Dance Floor (EP)

Find Me On The Dance Floor (EP)

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'Find Me On The Dance Floor', the Debut EP from Brandyn Killz features 7 original tracks and 2 remixes with collabs by WarPaint Diaries and AmbDyn Alley. Take a LISTEN NOW or STREAM it everywhere beginning December 31st, 2020. 


Track List:

1) Bones (feat. WarPaint Diaries)

2) Find Me on the Dance Floor (feat. WarPaint Diaries)

3) Broken Toy

4) Walk (feat. AmbDyn Alley)

5) Party of One (feat. AmbDyn Alley)

6) Alright

7) Outta Control

8) Find Me On The Dance Floor (Acoustic)

9) Alright (feat. WarPaint Diaries) [Remix]